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Italodance, Nu Italodisco, Nu-Italo or simply Italo is a musical genre derived from Eurodance and mainly produced in Italy, which became popular in the late 90s and early years of the third millennium. It originates from the Italodisco of the 80s.
Apart from the name and cataloging among the sub-groups of dance music, Italodisco and Italodance have little in common. The first name by which this genus was called was "Mediterreanean Progressive".
It is a dance genre with more melodic sounds and cheerful tones. Based largely on the melody composed of the chorus and the main theme, the sound is characterized by riffs of synthesizers, vocals modified with the vocoder, simple and easy-to-grip choruses and a line of bass features with a metallic sound.
He has a positive and cheerful style; the texts focus mainly on themes such as love, parties, dancing and the expression of feelings. Most of the texts are in English, but it is not difficult to find in Italian. Equally common is the use of vocoder.
Almost all Italodance tracks contain percussion produced by synthesizers with a metallic sound similar to the bass sounds of a tuba. The most common rhythm is around 140 BPM although it can range between 60 and 150 beats per minute.The natural and generic effect of music in us does not derive from harmony but from sound, which electrifies and shakes us at the first touch even when it is monotonous.
This is what music has special over the other arts.


The deep house is a genre of dance music born in Chicago in the second half of the eighties as a sub-genre of house music. Compared to the Chicago House it is slower (122-127 bpm), with an almost hypnotic and melodic trend; it also incorporates jazz influences within it. The denomination "Deep" (deep) derives from the deep bass sound usually present in songs of this genre.
Generally the Deep tracks are characterized by pads that give a deep sound, similar to those used in the chill out and in the lounge. Very important are the electric pianos, first of all the Fender Rhodes, in its models Mark I and Mark II, followed by the Wurlitzer planes. In the tracks there are often only blues typically jazz instruments such as sax or trumpet. In addition, the chords and scales of the melodic part of the Deep pieces are always Soul's standards and above all Jazz. Because of these characteristics, with a going and relaxed rhythm and its refined sounds, Deep House is often used in high fashion shows and is considered as the dance version of genres such as Nu jazz and Lounge.


Electro Latino is a musical genre that originated in Spain and Latin America, in 2010 the result of the mix of tech-house genres and Latin rhythms such as merengue, among others.
It is a musical genre that begins to be known in 2007 in Spain and Latin America. It is a genre that derives from the mixing of electronics with Latin-based musical genres. The creator considered of this kind is Juan Magán, who since 2008 has started to create music of these characteristics with songs such as Mariah and Verano Azul.These two songs are considered the pioneers of this genre. Beginning in 2011, the genre began to become more popular and other artists known around the world as Pitbull, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias or Jennifer López begin to incorporate this new style to their songs.
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